Willkommen to Das Haus!

Home of Birmingham's Original Oktoberfest

Drink! Feast! We have 65 brews to choose from to compliment our gourmet German cuisine!

About Das Haus

Das Haus is a non profit 501(c)(3) member owned and run by a skeleton crew board of directors who have day jobs and donate their time to help out as best they can. We’re always looking for help. Consider becoming a member and volunteering some time to Das Haus. 


 A Brief History

We are also known as the F.D.S.K  Freunde Deutscher Sprache und Kultur (Friends of the German Speaking and Culture). The FDSK was founded by a group of German immigrants in 1965 to promote, educate and celebrate the German Language and Culture. We’ve been at our current location since 1970.


FDSK Vision

Promote German Culture in Birmingham and throughout Alabama, support German Language education.

Encourage education about Germany; culture, traditions, lifestyles, history, and modern politics. Bring together Native Germans, German speakers and German enthusiasts and support social interaction.

And to have fun, German style!